Wednesday, March 16, 2005


to cap or not to cap, that is the question of the day my friends. i have an instinctual urge to use capitalization. however, i think the finished product often looks cleaner without all those Large Stickly figures sprouting out of my text all over the place. I started off this blog using caps in my posts, but not in the subject title. lately, though, i've been leaning towards all lowers. I certainly can't flip flop; i mean this is unacceptable. however, this is the Internet and we're allowed to do whatever the fuck we want to right?

oh, i said fuck.

fuck shit donkey dick mother fucker cock sucker shit fuck!

mmm, that felt good.

let's open it up to the masses. what do you think I shoud do? use the newly available-to-everyone comments section to voice your opinion.

oh wait, i forgot--i'm the only person here reading this blog. maybe i'll have to stoop to stuffing the ballot box myself, shit.


Anonymous said...

i like to say fuck and i read what you write!

Leah said...

so sorry for the ridiculous amount of commenting i've been doing lately, but i am literally struck by how familiar i find some of your posts to my own life. example: CAPS. i COMPLETELY agree with you that large letters are UGly with a capital UG. i even sign my name with lower case letters, something my mother frowns upon.
i do find that i'll stick in a cap here or there sometimes though. old habits are hard to break.
now i really must go back to work! stop drawing me into your comment box!