Thursday, June 30, 2005

span of attention

I get bored easily. I have one of those minds that works like a well oiled super productive machine. That is, when I'm challenged. When I don't have anything particularly interesting or important to do, I loaf. Usually, I can pull myself out of a loaf pan by reorganizing, streamlining, or saving up my work until it's mounting and important. Sometimes, though, the loaf doesn't rise. I just sit stagnant in the pan, absorbing fluorescent light rays and imagining myself in other places. It's during those times, I've learned, that you've got to throw yourself out to the universe.

Universe! I'm here. I'm ready. My defenses are down and senses are heightened. I've reflected on the past and I'm fairly confident in the direction I'd like my future to take. This is me. Show me the way!

In the past, the way has usually been clear. If I'm meant to stick put for a while I'll find out. If I'm meant for bigger (and hopefully better) things, it will become apparent. I'll never know which way I'm meant to go if I don't ask for directions, right?

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