Wednesday, May 25, 2005

big apple, little brother

i'm back! did'ya miss me?

i went to the big apple for a seminar yesterday. i have to hand it to all you New Yorkers out there. i don't know how you do it. that place is crizazy! i'm sure i looked like the quintessential country bumpkin climbing out of Penn Station, eyes a-glaze, staring up at the buildings, and getting shuffled back and forth by all the people on the street. to say i was overstimulated at first sight is an understatement.

i spent my first hour getting my bearings, finding my hotel, and the hotel where the seminar was located. i decided to save the company a few dollars and booked myself a room at the Stanford Hotel. it looks real nice from their web site, but i was sadly mistaken upon my arrival. this place a bit sketchy, really smokey, and slightly decrepit. the window in my tiny room looked out onto a brick wall, there was no airconditioning, and all the instructions for everything were in Korean. it was weird to say the least.

i did get to spend some q.t. with my little brother Walt though which made the trip worthwhile in itself. Walt and his buddy Zeb met up and went to union square which made for some great people watching.

i have to hand it to Walt, he's living quite a life. he works in a video store, lives in Brooklyn, and has really mastered getting around in the big city. we went to SoHo for dinner at Peep, a trendy Thai restaurant complete with pink glo lights and metal stick chandelier. the coolest thing about Peep (aside from the awesome food) is the bathrooms, which have one way mirrored walls in the bathroom so you can look out at what's going on while you're doing your business. ha! after dinner, we headed back uptown to the Recession Cafe for some pretty cool folk music.

i spent all day yesterday in the ballroom of a hotel, listening to lectures and networking. it was actually pretty interesting and relevant to my job, so that was cool. the train ride home was long and thankfully my savior best friend came and rescued me from the bus ride home from South Station which is sooo long. while i had a great time in NYC, i was so thankful to return to my favorite little seacoast town where the people are spread out and the sky is open.


Allison said...

i was wonderin where you were?! i'm glad you had fun in the big apple. we missed you!

Allison said...

ps..peep looks totaly fun