Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watching the DNC

Here are some photos of the haps around town.

City Pride

Running Toilet
Don't Let Your Toilet Run!

Obama Wall
Obama Wall

Downtown Flowers

Cheney, get back in the paddywagon!

Police Horses Cutting-off the Mall Ride

You Deserve Hell
Do Tell, Asshole

I edited a few of these with the Flickr application, Piknic. It's a nice little editing feature if you want a quick crop or vignette. `

Monday, August 25, 2008

Best and Worst, So Far

So far, the best thing about the DNC coming to Denver is that there are police everywhere. I know, that doesn't sound like a sentence you would have though I'd write. However, in the past couple of days I've not seen one drug deal or been approached by any crazies...well, unless you count the insane sign-wielding extremists running around town waving pictures of dead fetuses and offensive statements about who "God" says I can and can't have sex with.

I guess I never thought there'd come the day when I would welcome a heavier police presence in my life, but I just feel so safe. I'm not sure where all the homeless people went or where the meth is getting distributed this week, but it sure ain't on my block!

So far, the worst thing about the DNC is all the out of towners running around the city wearing their credentials. I'm sorry dude, but when I'm at a conference and I accidentally wear my badge into pubic, I get chastised for dweebing-out. Here, though, the delegates, press and other esteemed guests seem to think it's a badge of cool. It's not really needed, their ineptitude with public transportation etiquette and their inability to abide by street signs gives them away anyway.

Actually, I think it's really cool that Denver's got Obama fever this week. And, living right in the mix, I have no complaints about disruptions to my daily life. Even though I do feel a little out of place because I don't have a tee-shirt with a political statement or Obama's head on it.