Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Hole

Location: Bryan, Texas

The Scene: Applebee's U-Shaped Bar. Some locals are at one end of the bar talking about how crazy and bodacious it is to be a true Applebee's regular. Obviously, this is a great source of pride for these people.

I am on a business trip, dining alone at the only spot I can muster the energy to get to. I order a dollar draft. It's Miller Lite because I only have three choices and the other two are Budweiser.

An Excerpt from the book* I'm reading: "What's in a hole can be What did so-and-so do with his life? He is in that hole. What did I do last month? That question is in the hole. Where did the time go when I was young and carefree? If I look into that type of hole, I'll find all my youth...

...'Einstein,' he says, 'knew that time was matter. That time and space could be warped and bent, like the dip in a stretched sheet if you place a stone in the middle. Ever notice how everything slows down when you go over the handlebars of your bike?'"

I order another dollar draft.

*Schopenhauer's Telescope by Gerard Donovan