Sunday, May 31, 2009

Olive di Castleventrano

I am in love with these bright green, buttery olives. The only place I've been able to find them in Denver is at our local cheese shop, The Truffle. Castleventrano olives are light, firm and just a wee bit salty. Perfection in the form of an olive!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day of Cuteness

This Memorial Day weekend was the rainiest in the history of my mind. To escape the gloomy drippiness of the weather, we went to the Denver Aquarium. It was totally fun-filled with cute creatures like sea horses, jelly fish, and puffer fish. They've also got a huge shark tank with lots of big, toothy monsters swimming around and around. Those were not so cute, but entirely fascinating.

However, there is only so much a grown person can take being in a public place swarming with squealing booger-pickers, so we left the mysterious depths of the aquarium and spent the rest of the afternoon in the warm and germ-free respite of our house.

Did you know you can rent Nintendo games from Blockbuster? Lucky for us, we chose Mario Kart. Why is everything Mario does so gosh darn cute?! This game is rad.

The cuteness continued with a viewing of Australia. The movie got some bad reviews and I can understand why. "Over the Rainbow" was over the top, and why was Drover's name also his occupation? But, that little boy was adorable and I loved him. I also found myself a new nickname--Mrs. Boss. It's perfect!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grow Baby, Grow

We're trying to grow a lawn in our backyard, which to this point has been a large dirt square. Growing a lawn isn't easy. It's almost like a baby. We have to feed it and water it and protect it from hungry birds and squirrels...

Okay, a lawn is nothing like a baby.

But, it's hard work nonetheless. I hope all this effort returns a happy, healthy little plot of grass. Poor Kaya has to stay inside during the grass growing weeks and she's not all that happy about it. She sulks at my feet all day long, hoping for some turkey bacon scraps or a lick of my cereal bowl to fill the void.

Along with the new lawn, we planted a vegetable garden, herb garden and flower bed. So far, everyone seems happy enough. Picture to come when it all starts to look like something other than dirt punctuated by little bits of green.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Embrace It

I've been singing My Poker Face now for the last two days. Instead of hating this annoying song, I've decided to embrace it. I'm now listening to the entire Lady Gaga CD and it's got me dancing in my chair as I check email and start my work day.

My my my poker face po po poker face...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Aspen Flutters

One thing I love most about living in Colorado is the Aspen trees. I have a particular affinity for the young one in our backyard, just recently blooming.

I sit at my desk working away, once in a while glancing up at the twirling leaves. They hold on for dear life, fluttering at the whim of the wind. There are few things as beautiful to me as those leaves. I could (and do) watch them all day.