Friday, February 25, 2005

6 months and counting

Today is my 6 month anniversay! I can't believe I lucked out to have such an incredible man by my side. And, it's only getting better with time.

To commemorate the day, I'll tell you how we met. Well, this isn't actually how we 'met' but how we met. See, we have many mutual friends and had been introduced in passing once or twice. We'd never had the pleasure of spending any time together though, that is until the great Coventry Phish fesitval in Vermont last summer.

My best friend J. and I set off for the festival with high hopes of selling bloody mary's, dancing out butts off, and enjoying what was to be the last Phish show ever (a monumental event for us and many of our similarly crunchy friends).

We left the Thursday beforehand. Driving was smooth sailing until we got about 10 miles away from the exit to the festival where traffic was stopped. Having had much experience with Phish traffic, we promptly exited the car, cracked a few beers, and brought out the parachute (yes, the kind you used to play spaceship with in 4th grade). Little did we know we would be stuck in that traffic for the next 40 HOURS!

After a couple of nights sleeping in the car, Mike Gordon came over the airwaves of the Bunny and announced that those kids not already inside the venue should turn around and go home. No entry to any more cars due to the insane amount of mud inside the gates. J. and I promptly pulled over to the side of the road, packed our necessities (tent, sleeping bag, sweat shirt, rainbow skirt, glitter, and bottle of Jameson) and we set off for our adventure. So you're wondering where the boy fits in, right?

After 12 hot miles and a bottle of Jameson, we were exhausted mentally and physically. It was utter madness, 80,000 kids milling around in the mud trying to find a place to call home for the next few days. I was worried about my car getting towed, I was wondering just how we were going to party our asses for 2 days then hike another 12 miles back to the car and survive. It was then that J. returned a call from the boy, who is inside wondering if we are okay. We tell him where we are and he is coinsidentally just around the corner. He comes tromping to our rescue wearing hiking boots and an oh so cute bandana tied around his head with his long locks pulled back--a dream resuer if ever there was one. He promptly brought us to camp, got us settled in, washed up, and even gave us money (we were broke as we had counted on selling bloody mary's for spending $).

The weekend turned out to be one of the best of my life. He pulled my spirits up just when they were about the lowest they have ever been. He gave me a piggyback ride through the horrendous and never ending mud, he made me laugh, he opened my eyes to the beauty of the experience that was hiding just beneth all the shit. I fell so in love, so instantly. And since that weekend my love for him has only grown. Every day I learn something new about myself through him. He challenges me, he takes care of me, he makes me laugh. He is amazing.

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