Friday, March 11, 2005

back fat buldge

this winter, like most winters in new england, my rate and frequency of physical activity has slowed dramatically. there are a lot of really great things about winter hibernation like dark beer, naps on saturday afternoons, cooking and eating comfort food, and watching way too many movies. my body, unfortunately, has not figured out how to compensate. and so, i've slowly watched my lean, toned, and tan summer body morph into a softer, paler, albeit curvier form. i think the worst part about it all though has to be the back fat.

i've been blessed thus far to have never experienced pudge in this area. now that i'm a ripe 26, i guess my time has come. it so bothers me how the little pudge buldges over my ultra-low waist jeans and unless i've got an ultra-long shirt on, i'm exposed. the love handles just keep on giving too. while being very far climate-wise from spring, i have faith that sunnier days will arrive soon. and so, i've been working out at the gym a couple of days a week. i am happily starting feel the firming of my ass and the strengthening of my arms, but the back fat won't go away.

have i cursed myself for good? am i now plagued to live out the rest of my days in high wasted pants? help!

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