Tuesday, March 08, 2005

kiss my blog

okay, so i admit that i started a wee bit behind in the whole realm of blogging but i'm doing my part to catch up. i've got a few favorites that i read daily like dooce and electrolicious among many. my question, how do i make a little links section where i can post links to all my favs?

since nobody actually reads my blog (a blessing and a curse) i may have to look for more information elsewhere. i was pretty damn proud of myself though for figuring out the link-in-text thing though. pretty cool, eh? ehhhh????

speaking of which, i think i am the only person who reads my blog. i read it every day just like i do everyone else's. what's brinkidink thinking about today; any good gossip or anecdotal stories? this may sound like a pathetic excuse for making my site meter reach double digits, but really it's more of a quality control issue. if i don't find it interesting, who will?

oh where, oh where is my audience of loyal and adoring fans?

maybe i need a gimic like free ice-cream cones to the first 100 readers. or, perhaps a topic might allow me to narrow down my target audience like "brinkidink: a blog for goat farmer wannabes". but, if i ever did become famous in the blogosphere (that's what we bloggers call it, right?) i might loose my job, alienate my family, or sell-out to google ads. it might just be worth it though to see "BRINKIDINK!" there on the list of bloggie nominations compelte with fancy web design and witty subtitle.

alas, for now i will settle for being another twenty something rambling on about relationships and neurosis on blogspot. thank you, internet, for listening.


Ariel said...
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Ariel said...

There are a few easy ways to get a link list over there in the right hand column, but all of them will involve going into your blogger template and dropping in a little code.

The two easiest tools to use are blogroll.com or bloglines.com.

Have fun!