Thursday, March 10, 2005

winter fruit berry tea

so the beginning of 2005 has been marked by some pretty challenging occurances. i have to say though that through all the shittiness, there has been one constant good thing and that is tea. i first realized the power of tea the night that my mom told me that she and my dad were separating. this was a total emotional blow to my mind. my body in turn released the stress through convulsive sobbing, shivering, and a runny nose. it was at that moment that my sweet boyfriend made me a cup of tension tamer. i had an immediate physical response--my muscles relaxed, my breathing became normal, the foggy snot/sweat/tears cloud was lifted enough for me to breathe a deep breath. of course, the sobbing continued for a few days but, the tea helped in a very tangible way.

the power of tea continues to amaze me now that i have officially given up coffee. it's been about three weeks or so since i stopped drinking it regularly and admittedly i don't even miss it. i knowthis sound ludicrous and all you coffee lovers out there are probably staring perplexidly into your screens. wha? it's true though. i am currently alternating between winter fruit blend from the republic of tea and good ol' lipton. i forgot how awesome lipton tea is! i love it the way i love rice krispie treats and imitation crab meat. it's not the creme de la creme, but it's damn comfortable. i'm still surprised that i'm able to get my eyes open and my mind functioning on just two cups of tea in the morning. on the extra-plus side of things my usual jittery morning poop festival in the company bathroom has now taken the form of a relaxing fresh morning release. and, i'm sure my co-workers appreciate the absence of the horrid coffee-dragon-breath that blew firey from my cubicle.

I have also become a big fan of matte, it's sort of like coffee in that it gives you a great energy buzz. but the buzz is so much better, it's cleaner and lighter and more natural than caffine or whever the hell is in red bull. it's a productive energy burst. and mocha matte has to be the best coffee subsitute ever. you get the coffee aroma and the energy without the actual coffee (kind of feels like cheating). well, i digress. i doubt that you, dear internet, wants to hear any more of my incessant rambling about hot beverages.

but, i do want to give a shout-out to tea for being here to help me achieve balance in my flip-floppy world right now.

PS-did anybody notice how many link i embedded into my post? ah, i think she's catching on...

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