Friday, April 29, 2005


i love this time of year when all the buds on the tress start popping out. they're like, 'hey! i'm here and i'm bright chartreuse!'. they are so cute. they're exuberance makes all the waiting for them that much more special.

things i've been doing a lot this week:

-reading trastastic celebrity gossip
-reading a lot of wonderful, spiritually uplifting Alice Walker
-writing junk
-drinking water
-drinking wine
-eating eggplant
-crunching numbers
-loving my friends
-letting my laundry pile up all over the house
-dreaming about having money to buy a digi camera
-dreaming about having money to buy a cell phone that works!
-organizing details my good friend kate's bridal shower
-being embarrassed by the horrible sound my car is making
-not having money to get it fixed
-thinking about smoking, having 2 ciggies (gasp!)
-playing rayman
-listening to music 24/7
-thinking, wondering
-working out
-smelling rain, thinking spring


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