Wednesday, April 20, 2005

poupon u

it's so hot in this office today. they must have the heat on or something because my fingernails are melting of the tips of my digits. i feel like i'm menopausal or something.

i'm not too keen on writing today so i think i'll just make a list of all the things on my desk at work:

-clay/copper wire frog
-medicated chapstick
-adding maching
-Ganesh finger puppet
-ball jar
-water glass with inlaid bubbles
-black tea mug
-au lait lotion
-paper mache' heart full of paper clips
-ricola cough drops
-day to day calendar
-phone (just de-germed yesterday)
-picture of Zack
-picture of Obi
-picture of my turtle Ping-Pong (first mention?)
-smushed green fairy
-silver protective polar bear
-toni braxton cd case (freebie)
-honey bear
-utensil holder filled with pens that do not work
-broken fan
-8 piles of paper/files
-computer, monitor, keyboard

now that you've had a very insightful peek into my world, i think i'll go. tomorrow i might divulge the contents of my garbage can. ha! just kidding.

ps: my new cord came from dell today. i didn't open it yet so i'm not positive it's the right thing, but i've got my hopes up. and, i have to give dell a little credit on this one. i complained about my heinous customer servivce through email and they sent me a free cord and a $50 coupon towards my next purchase. i guess sometimes it does pay to bitch.

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Anonymous said...

oh your list gave me a much needed laugh and smile