Wednesday, May 04, 2005


well, i guess it's appropriate that i'm starting over right now. it's spring afterall. the boyfriend is leaving and i'm reeling. i'm going through that god awful phase where you've got to take down all the pictures, cards and keepsakes. all those hopes and dreams and memories will get packed away in an ex-box for him. i've got to return all the socks and shirts he left in my room. and i've got to start my life without him. i hate having to tell everyone. i haven't told my mother yet. she's going to be even more crushed than i am; she was sure he was the one. what is really pissing me off about the whole situation is that i've never felt like this. i've always been the dumper. i've never questioned my gut instinct that tells me it's time to move on. i guess now the tables are turned and i'll be the one who's sad for a while.


Anonymous said...

So it is official? I am confused.

brinki dink said...

it might as well be.
fuckin' a!

on a happy note, it's good to see you on here A.