Tuesday, May 10, 2005

loose laces

the world crumbled beneth her finger nails
when she reached too far and tumbled
over his untied shoelaces

she landed flat on her face
eyes welling up with asphalt tears
as their devotion cracked against the pavement

lost in irrevocable dissolution
the weight of his indifference dissolved
under the terminal silence

in solitude she stood
exiling her bewildered brain and mistaken inclination
from the orbit of miscalculated reasoning

it is not in her nature to remain miserable
for boredom floods stagnant grief
and is quick to suffocate a soul

dusting off disappointed knees
a red bird catches her eye
wings bright and strong against the tourquoise sky

harmony glides attainable overhead
gathering peace of mind
as she humbly walks on


1 comment:

Allison said...

powerful and beautiful and real and compelling...this is one of my favorite poems that you have ever written