Thursday, May 12, 2005

my cloudy head

today my head is cloudy. me thinks it's due the sudden blossoming of my social calendar. for a couple of weeks i hibernated after the boy left and now that i've come out of hiding, life is grand again. well, it's on it's way to grand. so this makes three nights in a row that i've been hitting the bottle. my poor little head is not used to such consumption and today my brain is swelling out of my skull.

on the plus side though, i'm getting back into the swing of life. being single isn't as bad as i remember it (yet). i've some good ideas rolling around, just waiting to get fleshed out and put into motion. it's amazing what a little exercise and a lot of good friends can do for a girl's mind!

oh, and i think i'm going to Bonnaroo! i swore to myself after Coventry that i was done with mud, port-a-potties, wookies, and traffic. but an offer has arisen that is better than wonderful. one of my bestest friends, vip access, rv or condo accommodations, and the red carpet treatment--i don't think i can pass this one up.

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