Thursday, May 05, 2005

under construction

please forgive me if this place looks a little crazy over the next few days. i'm trying to make my own design template (gasp). it's kind of fun in an annoying way. i've fallen in love with this website where you can test out your color combinations. i could do this all day. how do i really know if my combos are cohesive? are there rules for this sort of thing?

i've also got to figure out where to host my images as they are all right now clogging up a flickr account. that might be alright i guess since i don't have a digi-camera with which to show you my let (yet).

this place is going to be smoking hot though. i'm doing things with wagon wheels you've never even imagined. ha! at least it's keeping me busy.

happy cinco de mayo, crackas!

1 comment:

*em* said...

i'm sure your page will look fabulous dear!