Monday, June 06, 2005

blueballs are temporary but herpes are for life

ha! i just read that and thought it was funny.

today, i am wearing a knit sweater that i pulled from the bottom of my laundry basket. i sprayed it with love's babysoft then threw it in the dryer and poof! good as new.

i went to a lovely bridal shower this weekend for a good friend. i was really hungover which made me feel like a total asshole. the night before was an amalgamation of wine and beer and more wine and the beach. i woke up all woozy and hurt. the two+ hour car ride there was not one of my best moments. however, after about 2:00 i started perking up and was able to enjoy the festivities (thank God we didn't have to play any games!).

i spent a lot of time outside this weekend. i love that this area has so many places to walk and run by the water. i've been spending some time at the gym over the past couple of weeks, trying to get my ass in shape for summer. but, it was just too beautiful on sunday morning to be inside so i decided to take my buns and go for a run in town. it's a real motivator to be able to run in all these beautiful spots around here. i quickly realized though that i am not in as good of shape as i thought i was. i mean, i can jump on the elliptical and go full tilt for 30 minutes, working up a good sweat and still be breathing at the end. however, when i tried jogging outside, i found myself out of breath and cramping up all over the place. i guess i've still got some work to do.

well, dear internet, this post was completely random and had no point. however, that's kind of my life right now so it's rather appropriate.

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