Wednesday, June 15, 2005

bonnaroo 2005

i'm not sure i can put all the stories from this weekend into words so i thought i'd show ya'll some of the pictures. these represent a sampling of all the magical experiences i was lucky enough to have.


the crowd at Allman Brothers

Yonder Mountain kicked my ass!


DAVE and I!!


my future husband, Robert Randolph (so cute and so nice!)

the heli

main (what) stage and our RV

from the air

that's a lot of people


Jackie J.


Bob Weir

thanks, Kate. i had the time of my life!

for more pics and info about the shows check out bloggaroo and the view from bonnaroo


Anonymous said...

Check you out, sista! Thanks for posting the fabulous pics!

G spot

Leah said...

wow, dave matthews, what a guy. were you up in the helicopter????

brinki dink said...

yeah, we got to go up for a ride in the helicopter. it was so beautiful from up there. what a rush too, the thing had no doors!