Wednesday, June 08, 2005

sneeze as loud as you want

i'm having trouble seeing today. i'm not sure why, but the glare from my computer seems blindingly bright today. the sun is shining though and i'm not about to compain about that.

so it's one day and counting until my departure to Tennessee. i can't wait to soak it all in. i've made a to-take list that's longer than it should be probably. it's a struggle to fit my life in my backpack. how do i fit everything i could possibly need and/or want into one pack? i've got to be prepared for rain, dehydration, headaches, heat, cold, dancing, flirting, magic, mud-butt, blisters, sunburn, spiritual enlightenment, new friends, rock-star parties, rock-star meetings. it's a bit overwhelming.

life is good.

haha-i used spiritual enlightenment and mud-butt in the same sentence!

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