Wednesday, June 29, 2005

wading in the velvet sea

I had an incredibly vivid dream this morning, right before I woke up. I was at a Phish concert watching the show from the side stage. I was there, sitting on those gigantic black boxes that house cables and stuff. I got up to "Boogie On Reggae Woman", then promptly got yelled at. Trey came off stage and said something to me about all my dancing distracting him from playing. So, I sat.

Then I wandered through a door out to where the people were dancing. The venue was a big old theatre with wide side rows. Set break came and I ran back to the door, kicked a button and got back backstage. I sat back on my box just as Fish and Paige were coming off stage. They promptly disrobed on either side of me and started showering in some unknown water source. Paige handed me this weirdo elongated blue bar of soap with which I washed my hands. He put his pants back on, gave me a wink and went back on stage.

The next song was something very experimental and weird. All these big Japanese guys started walking from the back of the theatre doing this really cool clapping, stomping, dancing thing in rhythm to the music. The guys were all wearing No-Face costumes (from Spirited Away). A loud bleeping sound began to take over the song and I realized that my alarm clock was going off. So ended my dream.

The weird thing is that this was the first dream I've had where my alarm clock makes it's way into my dream. Usually when the wretched beast goes off, I pop out of sleep. Today though, I was sort of lulled out of sleep. It was an odd feeling.

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