Thursday, July 07, 2005


i wonder why our country, so often praised and revered for being founded on principles of liberty and justice, has moved so far from these ideals. i don't understand how uber-patriotic types wave their flags high praising our president, backing the war in Iraq, and hailing the great liberties our country has afforded us. don't they understand that their suvs, walmarts, and frivolous spending are all contributing to this war? i completely support our soldiers and appreciate the ideals that they are risking their lives to protect. what i cannot support though is our presence in a country which has never wanted us there.

my mother and i often debate the war in Iraq and, even though she's a hard core republican, i have to merit some of her points. there were so many injustices happening in that country under Saddam's regime. however, there are injustices far greater and suffering more widespread all over the world, particularly in Africa. if our government is so concerned with helping the people, why did we not focus our efforts on relief in an entire continent deprived of food and medical resources? instead, we are torturing civilians and forcing an impractical government on a nation that's fiercely resisting. we are propagating racial profiling and jeopardizing our nation's security. why not take the BILLIONS of dollars that are currently being spent to try and save our American pride and spend them on humanitarian efforts for people who want and need our help? i heard president Bush in an address the other day actually say that we can't pull out of Iraq because we'd be sending the message that the US can be waited out, that we give up. is our foolish pride really more important than helping the millions of people in need?

lift your voice. donate what you can. volunteer where you can. send a message to your family, friends, fellow-citizens, and government that our priorities need to change. don't let hopeless complacency and ignorance outweigh humanity.

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