Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'll set out running but I'll take my time

Banana scones from Breaking New Grounds are perhaps the perfect breakfast. So moist and and tasty. Yum. Pair it with a iced soy chai and I'm starting my day off on a good note.

I'm trying to infuse a little bit more of the positive into everyday life around here. I'm a positive person, really I am. It's just that doing the same boring thing everyday gets to me. By the end of a long unproductive day, I'm ready to chop heads which is so not my style. I've had an itch for movement for a while now and it's starting to become a big scratchy rash. I need out. I really want to take off to California with my boyfriend. I've got a beautiful little life here that I'm so thankful for. But, I'm settled and I'm getting antsy.

Where should I go? What should I do?

I've been tossing this message out into the universe for a while now and haven't figured out a very clear answer yet. So, I'm throwing it out to the interweb. Anybody want to trade lives?

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