Thursday, August 18, 2005

llama de doo-da

One of these days, after I have traveled the world and become independently wealthy, I would like to own a lama or two. The Incas of Peru domesticated Llamas over 5,000 years ago. There are four types of lamas--alpaca, guanaco, vicuna and llama (with the ll). I'm either going to have a llama or an alpaca, or maybe one of each.

Llamas are gentle, loving creatures. They're pretty easy to care for compared to other livestock and they're happy to roam around a pasture all day. Llama fur can be spun into yarn or felted. How sweet would it be to spin your own yarn! Then, I could get a loom and spend my golden days weaving rugs that are totally handmade.

If I were to have a herd of goats, I could train my llama to be a protector. Believe it or not, Llamas act as watch dogs for livestock herds. It's crazy, but they will totally kick ass when their herd is in danger. If I were a fox or a coyote I definitely wouldn't want to come hoof to face with a llama.

Llamas are also totally great pack animals. You can strap a few saddle-bags on one of these fine creatures and they'll tote your stuff all the way to the top of a mountain. If I had some apple trees I could just take my llama out with me, fill-up a couple of bags full of apples and have my friendly beast bring them back for me. I would then press the apples to make applebutter.

Perhaps I should have been born a pilgrim.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever see that Sesame Street thing on Llamas? I used to love that! There was a song, something about "Me and my Llama." :)

KungFu Mike said...

Yeah, but do they taste good? If so, I'll go halfsies with you on a dozen of those little guys.

Also, do they come in BBQ flavor?