Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I really wish I'd had a camera with me yesterday evening as I feel I can't do this post justice without some visuals. I took plenty of mental pictures though so I'll try to convey those. I have to admit, when the suggestion to go watch the sunset in Newington was presented, I was a little taken aback. My thoughts immediately turned to the mall, TGI Friday's, and the Bowling Alley--not, in my opinion, a scenic place to hang out.

Touche'. Newington is so much more than the mall. I think they know this and so have posted numerous signs 'Newington Residents Only', 'No firearms or firecrackers'. I think they probably just want to keep the toasts out, and I can't blame them. We sat on the shore of the bay to watch the sunset listening to the sand fleas jumping around. The clouds streamed across the sky in lines like swirling incense smoke. Through whirlpools of the condensation the bright orange sun cast purple and pink rays across the bright blue sky. It was spectacular.

We drove a ways down a well posted road and came to some old buildings on a little peninsula of sorts. There was a very large, abandoned looking, grayish green building with lots of windows sitting on a well manicured lawn. All the houses overlooked the bay with sweeping views. Down by the water a flock of egrets sat on tree branches over the water. I counted 13 egrets, their intensely elegant silhouettes framed against the sky.

We drove slowly through Old Newington, a little two lane road dotted with historic buildings. I couldn't tell what was what, but there appeared to be an old stone library and a brick town hall. The weathered church stands on a little bluff with the water below. I could totally imagine myself living in little Newington back in the early 1900's, driving my buggy past farm land and flowers surrounded by water on all sides. As we were leaving town we saw two hearty wild turkeys crossing the street. Gobble-gobble!

If you're a toast, I wouldn't recommend going there. Your Massachusetts plates will give you away (no offense to anyone from MA). But, if you know your way around exit 4S it's totally worth a detour.

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Anonymous said...

I like that little old town too, hidden away though so close to the mall crap. And Great Bay!