Wednesday, August 10, 2005


There's something special to me about stealing away from the world and escaping, if only for a few hours. Zack and I went up to Ogunquit for a couple of hours the other day and I felt as though we were a million miles away. We drove up the coast along winding beach roads, passing golf courses and beautiful houses. I would love to own a house one day on the beach. A modern cape with clean lines and alternative building materials. I'd have long grassy plants and flowers in the yard. I'd have floor to ceiling windows overlooking a very private section of white sandy beach.

I'd never been to Ogunquit before and I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing I noticed (and it could have been because it was mid-afternoon on Tuesday) was the astounding number of elderly people flocking to the water. They formed a parade of cameras, canes, socks hiked up to knees, wide brimmed hats, and fanny packs. We went down to the water ourselves, and once past the cluster of sandy kids rampaging their tired tired parents the beach was rather lovely. The water was crystal clear greenish blue, unlike water I've ever seen at a New England Beach. I didn't bring proper attire for the beach and so had donned Z's swimming trunks with my light pink tank top. We walked in the water following the coastline for quite a while until we came to a secluded section of beach. So relaxing and beautiful.

This little trip up North got my traveling bug itching again. It's been itching for some time now, but these little jaunts to close-by adventures make me yearn to travel the globe. I want to see Italy and New Zealand. I want to spend some real time in Africa and Alaska. One day, I hope, we'll take the afternoon off and won't be seen again for at least 6 months maybe a year if we're lucky.

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I do hope you make it to Alaska! :)