Monday, September 12, 2005

home cookin'

Yesterday I harvested some of the wild peaches that are growing in our backyard, along with a bowl full of raspberries and I made jam. Jam oh man, it was fun. I made a relatively small batch and guessed the ratio of fruit to sugar. The super tart peaches cooked slow and low and mixed with the sweet pop of the raspberries turned out a really fresh and fruity sweet spread. To go along with the jam I made some biscuits from scratch.

As if I hadn't fulfilled my domestic goddess urge with all the jam making, I decided to have a go at fried chicken. I've never made actual fried chicken before so I was a little apprehensive. BUT, it turned out fabulously. I took the skin off a few chicken legs b/c I hate skin. Then I drowned them in a salt and peppered milk and egg mixture. They then got dusted with flour, corn flakes, and old bay. Dunked in the milk again and dipped in the flour again for an extra crispy coating. Oh My God. It was so good, fried up all nice and purty and with no rubbery skin. Yum.

Zack made homefries with yukon gold and sweet potatoes. Then we steamed up some green beans to round it all out. I totally wish I had taken pictures to document my immersion on good ol' southern cooking. I can't wait to make this dinner again some time soon!

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Anonymous said...

I just gained 10 lbs reading this post and it feels great!