Wednesday, December 14, 2005

home office

Getting to work from home was just about the best thing to happen to me this year (except maybe the all-inclusive backstage trip to Bonnaroo!). I love getting out of bed, putting the water on for tea, and sitting down to work for the day. No makeup or ironing necessary. I travel a lot and most days I'm on campus working and pj's don't fly as appropriate attire there. However, every Friday and for the rest of December I get to work from home.

At home, I am the master of my to-do list. I can munch on homemade coffee cake and sip tea while I check emails and work on my projects. There is something so liberating in not having to go to an office.

And, when the day's work is done I can close up shop and turn my attention to other things like dinner.

One of the challenges that comes with working solo is that I don't have a built-in group of people that I get to interact with on a daily basis. I meet and see plenty of 'clients' with whom it is very interesting and challenging to spark up discussion. But, I don't have friends here yet. I don't have a watercooler over which to gab about last night's episode of Gilmore Girls and there's no girl's night out. The only person I see regularly is the UPS man who shows up faithfully on my doorstep everyday to deliver the latest book or package.

This situation, I guess is a blessing and a curse. I guess it's up to me to find and choose my friends independently. This is a good thing because I will be able to choose who I want to get to know. The challenge in this is that I have to take initiative and seek out these friends on my own. I was so blessed in Portsmouth to have such an amazing group of supportive, funny and intelligent friends. I just need a little kick in the ass to get out the door and explore this area culturally. I know AZ has got to have a crunchy set, a poetic set, an adventurous set. I guess it's up to me to seek them out.

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