Thursday, December 08, 2005

I am a sucker

I like to think of myself as a nice person. Last month I started a new job as a sales person of sorts. So, when I was approached by a Mishel from the Seacret kiosk at the mall I was polite. I told him that no, I did not want to try his lotion but thanks for the offer. He stopped me, looked at my nails and said "so you keep them natural, your nails?". I am what you call a 'low-maintenance' girl. So yeah, I keep 'em natural.

He starts in on his schpeal, holding my hand, and begins to buff my nail with the Seacret buffer. Now, all kinds of thoughts about germs and bacteria from all the other women Mishel has accosted are flying through my brain. For some reason though I just couldn't pull my hand away. I let him tell me all about the cotton and silk in his buffer, about the one year guarantee and then all of a sudden poof! I had a shiny, pretty nail.

Now the shininess was appealing and all but I certainly wasn't ready to pay $39.95 for a freaking shiny nail. Mishel just kept talking and complimenting me and then offered me a bargain and said he'd give me the whole shebang for just $19.95.

I didn't really want to buy this thing but I felt bad for poor Mishel. He had really worked hard to sell me this nail shit and I couldn't look into his pathetic eyes and disappoint him so I bought it.

I have to admit my nail is still shiny and I'm looking forward to trying it out on my toes. I wonder if there are any inherent sales techniques that I can learn from my experience with Mishel. I don't think pity is the way I want to go though so I'll have to think about it a little bit.

On a side note, it's getting kinda cold here in AZ. I think I'll turn on the fireplace (yes, I said turn on).

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