Saturday, February 25, 2006

jumpstarting my comeback

Most of you don't know that I used to play the violin. I played all through school up until my junior year of college when I called it quits. I really loved playing and practicing. It was competitive and I did pretty well. Some of my teachers were out there. I remember once Russian woman in particular who scared the shit out of me each week. I would walk shakily into her apartment and she would hammer out the beat on the music stand as I tried to keep up. She would routinely scold me in her harsh accent and chide me for my mistakes. It finally became too much for me when I discovered the world of boys and drinking.

Now that my priorities have evened themselves out a bit, I've decided to pick my ole' violin again. I went to the music store today and bought a music stand, a tuner, and a couple of method books. I really want to learn bluegrass fiddle. I LOVE bluegrass music and have spent countless hours twirling and dancing on big lawns to the rambunctious beat and folky melodies. My thinking is that since I've forgotten so much of what I learned, this is the perfect time to relearn in a different genre.

So I picked my ole' girl today, got her all tuned-up, and put the bow to the strings. Lord, it was ugly! I was horrified by the noises I produced, embarrassed that my neighbors were listening. I actually heard my upstairs neighbor leave! I hope it wasn't on account of the torturing shrieks coming from my apartment. This is definitely going to take some time, many many hours, perhaps an entire lifetime. However, I am optimistic that within the week I will master "Cotoneye Joe" and be able to play it along with the Mel Bay CD that accompanies the book.

Just be thankful this blog doesn't play sound.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, B-dawg! I really feel the urge to jumpstart a few of my old ways as well.