Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today marks the official 1st birthday of Brinki*Dink. It's hard to imaging that an entire year's gone by but it has. This blog has documented quite a few important events in my life including my stint as an inkeeper, my induction to the world of html, my amazing trip to bonnaroo, my summer in Portsmouth, Zack's trip to MS with the Red Cross, my plans for running a goat farm, my my new job and my move to AZ. In addition this space has been a recepticle for much word vomit including innocuous cat stories, accounts of my cleaning frenzies, and my all too talked about tea obsession.

For year 2, the plans are even bigger. We've got big plans, baby! Plan to see bigger, better displays of graphic art and photography. Plan on reading more engaging fiction, smart political commentary, and wild poetry. Of course, we promise to include bigger and better lists and various other word vomit.

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Leah said...

Looking forward to it, BD.
I don't remember much talk about tea ... Where was I? Tea is also one of my favourite obsessions...
Right now I'm on a recurring Earl Grey kick. Currently it's coming in the form of "Canton Orange" - a local blend of loose black tea and bergamot that is so yummy.