Wednesday, April 26, 2006

CIB in Flagstaff

I was lucky enough to catch the CIB tour in Flagstaff last night. The music was hot, the message empowering, and the community inspiring. I have to admit I've been woefully unaware of the Native HipHop movement.

It was a beautiful thing to see so many native kids out supporting and rallying for the music, the cause. This movement is inspiring a new generation to walk proud and to stand tall. Their message is clear--it's about Unity.

My favorite performer of the evening was Quese Imc, DJ ShockB and 2020 who make-up Culture Shock Camp. These guys effortlessly blend hiphop and reggae with their native voices calling for awareness and ascention.

The CIB tour heads to New Mexico next so if you're out and about in Albuquerque go on and support the movement.

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Rob said...

hey! you have one of these, too!

how's the buffalo in AZ? i ordered a buffalo burger in NY and they gave me bison between bread.

i'm more curious to hear if you have any suggestions for new things that are deep and funky. i'm trying to check out some of this cib shit up in my comfort inn (audio not working; myspace reminds me of the term paper i once wrote on native american blues). wide open to suggestions. i have old stuff for you if you have new stuff for me.