Monday, April 03, 2006

Today I bought a Glamour Magazine. This superficial indulgence may have been a response to the inner tumult that I've been wrangling with this month. It's funny how things sometimes just gain momentum and you start examining your life more critically. All of a sudden you can't turn back, you've internalized a lesson. Motivation and sacrifice become totally subjective. The balance between obligation and independence is a tricky mother-fucker.

I'm in Santa Barbara this week and though it is cold and rainy, it is beautiful. This town is a little oasis--the palm trees here seem much wilder and more massive than they do at home. I love the missions and all the history in this town. The best part is being so close to the ocean; there is something so comforting in salty air. Today, I stood in the pouring-down rain on the beach just breathing.

So, Glamour says that 36C is the average American woman's bra size; this is up from 34B 15 years ago. I'm afraid that I fall woefully short from the norm these days, especially in Snottsdale where plastic surgery is practically a drive-through industry. Glamour goes on to say that the average woman pees 6-8 times a day and that only one-third of women think about sex every day. As you can tell, I am in need of a good book...suggestions sincerely appreciated.

Happy Pointless Post Day!


Leah said...

Hi, B, I was beginning to wonder where you'd gone! Also, where did this post come from? I'm pretty sure I've been checking your blog daily for posts, and that there wasn't one on April 4th! Sneaky.
As for good books - how do you like graphic novels? Most recently I reread one called "Persepolis" - a memoir about growing up in revolutionary Iran by Marjane Satrapi. VERY good. Highly recommend it.

brinki dink said...

Cibi-my loyal loving friend. Thanks for hanging in there sista--have faith, this blog is not dead. I thought I had posted this April 4th ditty on April 4, but apparently I had saved it as a draft (you know, I'm such a techinical wiz) so I just published it.

I don't think I've ever read a graphic novel. I think I would like it though, perhaps images will help my motivation for reading. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out. I've been meaning to find the library around here...

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