Sunday, May 21, 2006

i need a title for this

If you were a 10-foot-tall Saguaro cactus standing alone in the desert
I’d come to you, riding the dawn with authentic purpose
I’d lay a blanket on the sandy earth and with gentle grace
One-by-one I’d pluck the needles that circumscribe your foundation

One for each of the years it took me to find you
One for every disappointed expectation
One for every kiss disparaged
One for every unanswered prayer, lost dog and empty insecurity
One for every pensive hope dissolved
One for every misdemeanor, misinterpretation and crooked exaggeration
One for every disaffected quarrel
One for every jilted joke and stranded smile
One for every spoiled indifference
One for every desperate goodbye

I’ll play you a song when the sun sets purple in the sky
I’ll patch the dehydrated, bird-pecked holes with honey
I’ll bathe your skin in velvet aloe
and massage your burdens to elastic comfort
And, when I get down to the last, most salient spine
though captivated, I’ll stop.

For this is where I must depart
A glassy, halcyon mirage of the future unfolded
Alone in the desert
The dusty heat and ruthless sun will demand
Submission to absolute ideal
Where the sky meets the dunes I’ll be waiting

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Anonymous said...

all i have to say is danm. insanly good brita. insanly meaningful.

desert captivation
alone in the desert
one for every
saguaro cactus

desert desertion