Friday, May 26, 2006


PingPong is becoming quite the young adult of a turtle and I'm having to come to grips with the fact that my sweet boy is growing-up. Every morning, I feed him his first piece of food from my fingers. He's come to expect this ritual and won't start looking around for all the other food floating in the water until he reaches for the piece from me.

Since we've moved to Arizona, PingPong has grown about an inch in length and in shell diameter. He's getting bigger and much stronger. Now, when I feed him in the morning I have to be careful as his little nips have turned into full-jaw-assault-clamps on the fingernail. I think if I had just a little bit bigger piece of food, our problem would be solved. Unfortunately, he only eats turtle pellets. Perhaps there is a gourmet turtle food out there, one that has all kinds of real brine shrimp and mealworms that would be bigger than the Reptomin. I think the best treat you can give a turtle is an inchworm fresh off the basil plant. I don't think inchworms live in the desert.

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