Sunday, October 08, 2006

sunday night blahs

It's Sunday night and I'm tired. I'm thankful that, this week, I'm not hopping on a plane and living out of a suitcase. Tonight I feel lethargic and lazy and kind of let-down.

I think my SNB (Sunday Night Blahs) might come from the disappointing dinner I made tonight. I tried my hand (for the second time) at the Zuni Roasted Chicken and Bread salad and it didn't quite meet my expectations. This salad is all about roasting the chicken right and getting the correct balance of garlic and tang and crunch and chew in the bread. In trying to roast both sides of my chicken, I effectively took the skin off, so that was a bummer. And the bread was, well, it was good but not fabulous. So, after quite a few hours in the kitchen and a lot of high hopes and expectations, we ended-up with a fairly ordinary chicken salad dinner. Blah.

The other blah was that I spent a whole bunch of time and money and printer ink putting together these beautiful invitations for a work function I'm organizing. After meticulously loading 75 abnormally sized invitations into my printer, I realized that my invite noted the wrong location. Blah.

Maybe I'm just tired.

Z and I spent most of the weekend at the Arizona Wildlife Rehabilitators' Symposium. We learned all about javalina and eagles and bats and owls. It was a hoot. Ha! I have a million and one things I want to share with the internerd about some of the advocacy issues and neat animals facts we learned.

But, since I'm feeling so cloudy and blah, I think I'll just post a couple of pictures from last week.

On the way to Chase Field last weekend for Gonzo's last game with the Diamondbacks.

Indoor ballparks are weird!

The Diamondbacks officially have the least masculine colors in Major League Baseball. All hail the mighty teal and purple!

A rusty car in downtown Phoenix

Santa Barbara beach. What I wouldn't give to be back sitting on the beach right now, drinking a Firestone Pale Ale and listening to the waves crash against the sand.


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123Valerie said...

Ms. B,

I think you are the perfect mix of garlic and tang and crunch and chew.