Thursday, October 26, 2006

what in the dickens?

I say this all the time lately, the phrase rings from my lips at least 10 times a day now. I think it's the most hilarious thing ever and can't stop expounding this timeless expression with a guttural southern drawl. Zack thinks is decidedly uncool and cringes when I break it out around his buddies, especially when they're talking about important manly things like football. Apparently "What in the Dickens!?!" is not an appropriate response to a comment regarding the grabbing of a facemask and the penalty from whence it was awarded. I thought it quite apropos and sharp with wit, as did some of our guests.

Actually, I think the phrase is supposed to be "what the dickens" not "what in the dickens" but I don't really care. I like to spice it up with my own flare. My good friend Kate used to say 'don't' when she really meant 'do' and I always thought it was so cute. I'd say something like: 'man I love chocolate sauce on potato chips'. And she'd say: 'yeah, so don't I'. Cute huh?

I can't say much of anything right now because I've lost my voice completely. There is a slow, steady trickle of snot caressing my lower-left nostril and when I talk I sound like a raspy beached whale. Awesome. I am feeling better though so this is not a complaint, just an observation.

I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately. Damn, what happened to the lovely, lightly positive girl that used to glow about inch worms and find easy beauty in the simple joy of living a day? Does that sentence count as a complaint? It's time to find my way back from the dark side and tap into The Force.


123Valerie said...

Well, gee willickers, B. That easy, breezy gal is still there.

I suppose your flair for expressions could be worse. Schmegles likes to throw out "Dick Mitten!" at entirely inappropriate times.

Dick Mitten!

Anonymous said...

i need to tap into the force as well. i am with you girl. we have to find those happy shiny girls again.