Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In Tennis Love Equals Zero

I saw that saying on a tee shirt today and said to myself: "Self, aren't we glad there's more to life than tennis?".

Not that there's anything wrong with tennis. Tennis is actually one of my favorite sports. I love the little skirts, the neon bouncy balls and the way all my pent-up aggression seems to dissipate after a few well-placed serves.

Now, there could be something wrong with referring to the voices in my head in the first person plural.


123Valerie said...

Self, aren't you glad there's a Brita in the world?

Yes, 123Valerie, I am. And also table tennis because that=fun.

Anonymous said...

val and val's self and me and myself are also glad there is a brita in the world. cyberworld arn't you glad too?