Monday, November 13, 2006

"nobody cares about your pustulus toe"

Last summer I bought these really beautiful lime green and light grey trail runners from Merrill. I bought them in the amazing village of Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado which hovers around 10,000 feet above sea level. I think I must have been suffering from altitude sickness because I completely misjudged how monstrous my feet are and merely scoffed at the $130 price tag.

Now I have beautiful, too-small sneakers that cost more than my coffee table.

For the past 5 months or so, I've been trying to break them in and have suffered on and off from blisters and aching arches. Two weekends ago, though, we jumped straight into foot abuse territory after a 10 mile hike in the desert.

I've now got a blister forming an accurate outline of my second-to-big toe, making a horseshoe-shaped pustule on the left side of my left thumb toe. In addition, I got a bruised toe nail and two bloody heels. My feet weren't exactly pretty before the toe abuse incurred, but now they're in desperate need of help. I really should think about upchucking the moola for a pedicure and a new pair of sneakers, not that anybody cares.


Anonymous said...

B ~ It's the strangest thing. This past weekend I started "craving" a pedicure. I even want my nails done and nail polish lasts about twelve hours on me. It's not for any reason. I think I just need to be pampered right now.

I say go for it. I always feel so relaxed and special after throwing down the cash for my feet. They will thank you, in some silent yet noticed way. As for the shoes, I suggest calling it a loss and donating them to a thrift store. You will thank yourself. I am sure of this. Love ya, girl. ~ G

Fiddle*sticks said...

Sell em on ebay, yo! I LOVE my merrills. I do NOT, however, love the price tag. The ebay money could help :)

123Valerie said...

Oh! Good call, fiddle sticks. eBay! eBay! eBay!

Anonymous said...

i hate when you misjudge a price tag so heavily. i was just talking about my beautiful leather jacket i got in london.
was london COLD....YES!
it hangs in my closet now...a relic from a bygone era

i agree...sell them on ebay :)