Friday, November 03, 2006

The Quest for Festeroo

Les Claypool, always on the front burner of musical and comical genius, unveiled his latest project, Electric Apricot, at Bonnaroo last summer. Since I didn't get artist passes this year, I didn't think it would be worth going. However, now that I've seen the trailer for this movie, I am wishing I would have endured the miles of mud and the wookies galore just to see the screening.

You can check out the fan website here. The band bios are especially chucklicious.

Name: Herschel Tambor Brillstien
Turn ons: Blondes, the smell of burning sage, recycling
Turn offs: Fear of enlightenment and discovery, malls, microwave food

Recycling is such a turn on.

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Anonymous said...

Burning Man! Are you going to Burning Man? (Thinking of you, Al, if you read this, on B's blog! woo-hoo!) ~ G