Thursday, November 23, 2006

so full

Thanksgiving in the Desert:
-baked brie with pine nuts and apricots
-brined and roasted turkey
-stuffing with tarragon and shallots
-spicey pureed butt nutt
-au gratin potatoes
-green beans
-orange-cranberry relish
-rosemary dinner rolls from scratch (these were so worth all the kneeding and rising, observed as scrumdidiliumtious with buttery rosemary crusts, could sell for $9 bucks a piece at Starbucks, yeah doggie! )
-homemade gravy
-pumpkin pie
-a few bottles of pinot noir to the dome

Overall, it was a better than expected excellent evening with good friends, fantastic food and very warm hearts.


Anonymous said...

glad your holiday went well but i have to ask...

spicey pureed butt nutt

what the hell is that? hahah

oh and brita...did you try the baked brie with the cranberry relish? if you ahve any leftovers you should try them together. brie + cranberry = love in your mouth!

so good.

do you have rolly polly's out there?

miss you, happy holidays!!!

brinki dink said...

Oh Allison, how you make me laugh. Butt Nutt= Butternut Squash.

Z and I have a game we play in the grocery store whenever we're buying Butt Nutt. Whoever says it first, in the loudest possible voice wins. Picture me wearing my hiking fanny pack with an empty water bottle protruding from my hip, holding up a sweet potatoe yelling across the produce section to Z asking in my best southern accent "is this butt nutt?" and he says, "naw, hun, that ain't no butt nutt".

And, yes, we still have a smidge of leftover brie en croute in the fridge, the cranberries overtop sounds devine.

And, no, sadly enough we do not have rolly pollies out here. They do not heart the desert for there are no rotting logs or moist rocks under which they can hide.

This is, perhaps, the longest comment I've ever left anyone, including myself. It's all for you Nosilla, I hope you're reading this shit!