Saturday, December 02, 2006


It's December! It's finally getting chilly here. At night it's getting down into the 40's and sometimes 30's and during the day we're only reaching 65 or 70 degrees. I know this is tepid weather compared to NH where the highs are in the 30's or MN where it's only 18 degrees right now.

Still, 50 degrees feels cold, especially when you're used to temperatures hovering around 70 or 80. It doesn't exactly feel like Christmas yet. The lights are up and Santas are sitting in their mall thrones. Holiday music is blaring annoyingly at the airport and egg nog is on the menu at Starbucks. I haven't seen any Christmas tree farmers on street corners which is odd. Christmas trees here are expensive. If I were to buy some land in Northern AZ, the first thing I'd do is plant a crop of Christmas trees. They are a one of the most lucrative though slow to grow crops.

We're not getting a Christmas tree. For the second year in a row, I've been shot down. I have so many beautiful Christmas ornaments received from friends and family and once again they'll remain packed neatly away in their green and red bins. Since Z and I will be traveling (in separate states) over the holidays, our tree would certainly die a lonely Christmas death. I might suck it up and buy myself a little fake tree just to have something to decorate, something to make it feel at least a little bit like Christmas in the desert.

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Anonymous said...

i have a little fake tree in my tiny little apartment and it makes me very happy. we dont' have room for a real one so this just fits the bill :)

i'd say splurge for it!!!! the christmas cheer is soooooooooooo worth it :)