Saturday, January 06, 2007


Things that happened to me this week:

-boyfriend decrees it's time for him to move Back East
-one hour later we sign the 30 days notice to vacate our apartment
-I get violently ill with a fever and sore throat. can't talk, breathe or eat
-things begin to look up when a girls night out falls into play
-things plummet in a downward spiral when my purse gets stolen at the bar
-realize blackberry (aka my lifeline), car/house keys and most treasured sunglasses were in said purse
-have to drive through the barrio to the only MVD (aka DMV in every other state) open on Saturday to get duplicate license so i can get on an airplane tomorrow
-avoid making eye contact with surly, sulking barrio residents while waiting for 2 hours
-can't sleep for fear that burglars are going to use my stolen keys to break into apartment

Things are looking up though! It only cost me $4 to get a new license. I used this old-school method of payment called a "check" to buy myself a fancy new phone. I've got a few great prospects for new places to live, and my search has helped me reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones as well. All of this change has been a long time coming and is really an great opportunity for growth and renewal. It always seems that when life takes a big turn it happens fast and furious, and I think I actually like it this way.

So yeah, a bunch of really shitty things happened all at once. But, you know what? Tomorrow is a new day. A day that will bring me to New Orleans for a week of collegiate inspiration, stimulating conversation, good food and dixieland dancing. At least, here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

i love you and i want it to all work out for you like you want it to! my thoughts and love are hanging out with you constantly and just know you have all my love

Leah said...

Oh no, what a week! Tomorrow is indeed another day, and it sounds like you have some kick-ass plans in the works, as usual for you!
Have fun in New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

Miss B, you know I got your back, Mama.

Rob said...

did this week work?

did you get some nice barrio images?

in mass, they call it the RMV...