Monday, February 19, 2007

it's what i got

Life at 28 isn't easy for a girl like me. Sometimes you've got to make hard decisions, sometimes you've got to work hard and sometimes you've just got to work it.

I've been living in my new place now for almost a month and I'm enjoying it very much. I love this resurgence in energy; new starts are good like that. My mind has been in a twist and I'm working it out slowly but surely.

I've actually had a million and one things to write about lately but because of technical issues with blogger, I haven't spent nearly enough time here. Getting shut out of blogger was like losing my best friend. I started to miss it like crazy. I tried calling but couldn't find the number, I wrote letters, I lamented, I started to lose hope. But, I persevered and worked around the system and was finally able to give myself access to the dashboard. I like being behind the dashboard.


Anonymous said...

Damn you, Blogger. I feel your pain, sweet girl. On all accounts.

Leah said...

glad to have you back!
Cool new banner...