Thursday, February 01, 2007

A View From Above

The trip to Flag was a much needed breath of chilly winter air.

Open Road and Sky

It snew (as Jaclyn would say)!
Snowy Pines

This house reminded me of Dennett Street in Portsmouth. I can't believe Arizona has received more snow than most parts of Southern New Hampshire this year.
Flag House

The drive home today was insanely beautiful.
Favorite Roadside Canyon

Snowy Chaparall

PS: Is anyone else having trouble with the New Blogger? My blog can't make the switch for some unknown reason and half the time I try to log-in to the Old Blogger, I can't get to to my shiz! This a makes a me very angry, hi-ya! That last sentence was to be read with the accent of Super Mario.

If I knew how to get my content out of here, I probably would. I don't thought, in fact the only solution that comes to mind is copying and pasting this blog into word documents.

Hey! I just realized that tomorrow is our two year anniversary to the date! Schweetness...somebody send me some chocolate!


brinki dink said...

I can't log in to Blogger to fix the typos! Argh...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love the pictures, B. Listen. My OC girls and I are planning a cross-country trip. Not until after the wedding but I just want you to know AZ is a DEFINITE stop. LOVE YA, SOUL SISTA~ HAPPY FULL MOON~

Anonymous said...

B, I'm sending you some chocolate love, sweet thing. You're my FOB!