Sunday, March 11, 2007

If You Don't Know, Now You Know

A: "Did you hear the gun shots last night?"
B: "Uh, no."

A: "The neighbors did and called the cops."

B: "..."
A: "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

If you didn't know already, my roommate Audrey Thacker is a very talented jewelry designer. This is a completely wonderful perk for me as her jewels are beautiful and she lets me wear them out to parties. Check out her website and buy yourself, or that pretty woman in your life, a pretty little present.

The weather in Phoenix was a sunny 85 today. These warm breezy days are perfect for lounging by the pool, daydreaming to the sound of swaying palm trees. So relaxing.

1 comment:

123Valerie said...

Lady, that is lovely stuff!

So, hey, big, huge High Fives on the promotion. You go, girl!!!!

Good thing for you that Kevlar is back in style.