Friday, March 02, 2007

in the slo


I've been to San Luis Obispo now a few times and I just love it; especially, the way the wrinkled, green hills meet the unspoiled and rocky coast. It's a little niche of paradise. SLO exhibits so many of the great things that California has to offer not only in agriculture and natural beauty but in the positive and creative culture that buzzes in town. I've been staying in Pismo lately, walking along the pier and drinking coffee with the waves.

morrow bay

This is Morro Rock in Morro Bay, just north of the SLO. Apparently, this is the home to a nesting colony of Peregrine Falcons. Unfortch, I didn't have binoculars to bird watch or the time to hike around out there, so I didn't see the fastest animal on the planet in action. The fastest recorded speed of the Peregrine Falcon is 242 miles per hour.

slo mountain

There is something so comforting about these mountains. It reminds me a little of the Green Mountains in Vermont. Alhough, they're closer together here forming plushy canyons and farm-spotted valleys. I can't wait to come back in May when I can drive with the top down.

Roadside 2


Anonymous said...

Hola, B. I just wanted to let you know how blessed you are to have such a unique experience of traveling all over the nation with your job. Love ya, lady. I want to see you soon. ~ G

123Valerie said...

This looks like Italy. I was looking for people on Vespas.