Friday, April 20, 2007

spending all your money on me

People always tell me that I look like Alanis. I can kinda see the resemblance, especially when she's shaking her white girl booty just like I do on the daily.


Anonymous said...

I have really been torn lately by the lyrics of hip-hop music. I will say this started before the "nappy hair hoe" comments that have recently brought about a consciousness in America. I read an article in Ebony about the degration of woman through rap lyrics. Ever since, I have listened to lyrics with more of my own consciousness and wonder how I can shake my tush with such enjoyment when the singer is degrading me, making me a sexual object. And it starts so young. Children don't even realize what they are singing when they repeat the words they hear on MTV. Slowing down "Hump" and dramatizing it in such a way really puts a spin on it. Hmmm . . . why do I think so deeply? ~ G-funkera

Winter said...

Very funny.