Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Who's World Is This?

It's mine, biatch!

Sometimes, I feel like my body is a machine. Other times, I feel like it is a bag of soft potatoes covered with budding nubs. Luckily, today is a machine day. I just got back from an hour-long jog along the beach in Santa Barbara. I was blasting Nas on my enormous, antiquated Dell Mp3 player (which, by the way, has been one of the most durable and used pieces of technology I've ever purchased) and pounding the pavement of the bike trail. It felt awesome to exert some energy and release some stress.

It was also a strong reminder of how important it is for me to exercise regularly. I feel like my body has all this untapped athletic potential. Seriously, if I were to put some effort into it, I feel like I could be a real athletic type with coordination and muscles and everything. But, writing about exercising on my blog does not equal actual physical exertion (except exertion of the fingertips, I have the most athletic fingertips eva.

Speaking of hip-hop and new fangledness, have ya'll heard this song by the Gym Class Heros? It's all 'why isn't my face in your Top 8?' and 'this is not an LOL matter' and shiz. It feels a little forced and cheese-ball, but what does it say about contemporary youth culture? Has MySpace really infiltrated mainstream hiphop this way?

Is it pathetic that I'm 28 and I have a Top 8? I swear, I'm not trying to capture my youth, I just want to keep in touch with my (similarly-aged) peoples across the county.

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