Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Birds, Babies, Pigs and Puppies

baby birds

What in the dickens is that?


That is a nest of baby hummingbirds who have made a home on my back porch in a sun chime. The mama was just building her wee nest when I left for the city a few weeks ago and when I came home, little hatchlings were raising their tiny beaks to the air. I love sitting out there, watching the mama come and go. She doesn't seem to mind my company and her presence provides much joy for me in this city that so often feels devoid of nature.


Other than a few photos of town, I wasn't a good picture-taker on my trip home. I took some snapshots of my friends and their new baby, Odin. But, since I'm not sure they want me plastering their newborn's face all over the internets, I'll post a picture of the new baby pigs they have wallowing in their barn. These piglets seem large to me, but they are young'ens and will grow far larger before they are sliced into bacon.


They look delicious, don't they? I'm glad pigs don't have much in the way of personality because they are scrumptious and I would have a much harder time enjoying their wonderful insides if they were more friendly. Harder, but not impossible.

I also took some pictures of the new puppy at my Mom's house.

This one's not a puppy, but she's adorable nonetheless.


I would not like to eat the insides of either of these creatures. They are far too lovely.

To keep you from gagging on all the cuteness and/or the talk of eating animals' insides, I'll leave you with a picture of my favorite spot in Portsmouth--the Brewery. Fabulous times with fabulous friends make me really miss that place.


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