Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lately I've

  • Practiced my butterfly in a sparkly clean pool.
  • Painted red toenails.
  • Toggled between numerous spreadsheets.
  • Moved furniture.
  • Made pretty-pasta salad with wee shells, jicama, carrots and red bell pepper.
  • Tried to convince my friend Jacs that jicama is called hickama not he-comma.
  • Wrote 5 real letters, though mailed notaone.
  • Danced to triphop.
  • Read a book about horses.
  • Twittered.
  • Chatted with my Gram.
  • Giggled down a hot street in strappy heels with girlfriends.
  • Embraced my inner cold stone.
  • Joined a group.
  • Dodged the snapping jaws of my ever-growing turtle.
  • Drank vodka tonics with lemons.
  • Revamped my sun salutation.
  • Practiced an etude.
  • Watered my plants.

Interesting, non?


amy said...

Twittered? That sounds dirty!

Was the horse book a novel? Any good?

Leah said...

Sounds like a great day, B.
Hey - how had the Modern Letter been panning out for you?